MyCryptoPlay is the world’s #1 blockchain-based advanced real-time fantasy trading platform that allows you to participate in various cryptocurrency price prediction contests and compete with peers all around the world — on a device of your choice anywhere and anytime.

OUR VISION is to empower every crypto trader on the planet to experience fantasy trading.


The advancement in technology has paved the way for multiple innovative ideas in the field of trading. We are bringing the concept of Fantasy Trading to the Crypto world. The growing popularity of fantasy stock markets and fantasy sports has inspired MyCryptoPlay Inception. …

An unfortunate situation occurred yesterday within MCP Staking. The staking platform was compromised due to a security flaws. Our newly hired developer responsible for building the staking wallet has been fired. The research is still ongoing to find the people who are responsible.

MCP has done a due diligence into the developer but still this was a huge error from our part.The contract had a flaw in it and a hacker discovered this flaw and was able to withdraw the staking rewards and liquidity funds from the MCP-ETH pool that our community put to get the LP staking rewards.


MCP staking is now live! Join our community and participate. Help build the MCP ecosystem and get rewarded.

What is Deflationary Farming?

Deflationary Farming is Farming $MCP to earn $MCP even without minting new tokens. $MCP has dedicated 8 million tokens as staking rewards over the next 2 years — unlocked at a rate of 4% every month. 320k tokens will be rewarded as staking rewards. APY is decided by the total value locked.

What are available pools at Launch?

MCP-USDT (coming soon)

Steps to follow:

Uniswap link —

STEP 1: Acquire assets for the desired pool

In order to be a liquidity provider, you will need to own the 2 assets from the pool you want to provide liquidity for.

Example: You wish to become a liquidity provider for the MCP/ETH pool

To participate in this pool, you need to own MCP and ETH. You can purchase these assets uni swap and need to store them in your Metamask wallet.

STEP 2: Become a Liquidity Provider on Uniswap

  • Choose ETH and MCP. You…

MCP has received a tremendous response for the presale and successfully sold 2 million tokens at $0.024 to raise $48,000 USD.

We have carefully curated and selected 30+ investors around the world for the pre-sale who share our long term vision.

Official MCP Contract —

Private sale address —

Our official public sale will commence from 3rd Jan 11:30 AM UTC.

Starting low key, undersell, and over-deliver. We have many updates aligned for the upcoming weeks: launching prototype product, new amazing partnerships, team hints & teasers, staking program, research papers, community governance, AMA’s, and a lot more. The…

Contract Address —

Distribution of tokens & ERC20 Addresses

Private Sale — 2 million tokens (0xdD5D584189B4b07A452d3976448D0839920950df)

Marketing — 4 million tokens (0xA13a36AF3e319C14f09CF4b5b0190eb2d44cc33F)

Team Funds — 6 million tokens (0xF4485355cd625ac15EC86E79F7A070C7aD3d20aD)

Development — 6 million tokens (0xfa5287B1a6DFc711048c16Ca753bd2C60e1A2594)

Staking — 8 million tokens (0x6Bb20755704C28f6Ee281901f7580D8CFf37cb18)

Creator address— (0x2186ecb39f1b765ba7d78f1c43c2e9d7fc0c1eca)

  • Public Sale — 2.5 million tokens
  • Listings and Liquidity — 4 million tokens

Private Sale — Unsold tokens in private sale will be burnt

Public Sale — Unsold tokens in public sale will be burnt

Marketing — Funds will be used for promoting MCP to the masses. The funds will be used over a period of a few years.

Listings and…

Token Distribution

Total Token Supply — 40,000,000 MCP

Initial Token Supply — 12,000,000 MCP

  • Private Sale — 2 million tokens (Reserved for Early Investors)
  • Public Sale — 2.5 million tokens (Reserved for ICO Investors)
  • Listings and Liquidity — 4 million tokens (Liquidity on DEX platforms and listings on CEX)
  • Marketing — 4 million tokens (Funds will be used for promoting MCP to the masses. The funds will be used over a period of a few years.)
  • Development — 6million tokens (Funds will be used for MCP Development. Tokens will be released every month over a course of 24 months)
  • Staking— 8 million…


The idea behind the inception of MCP is to argue that the Cryptocurrency market can be conceived, somehow, as a fantasy trading project. Envisioning the cryptocurrency market within the fantasy sports framework can bring a new perspective and increase the chances for success.

MyCryptoPlay — Blockchain-based fantasy trading platform


The amount spent on Fantasy leagues, and the time spent on fantasy trading in the stock market is close to the amount of time and money spent by crypto market investors in the cryptocurrency market, which can also be equated to the amount of time, and mostly in lost productivity…


MyCryptoPlay — Blockchain-based fantasy trading platform

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