MyCryptoPlay — Pre/Public sale details

MCP has received a tremendous response for the presale and successfully sold 2 million tokens at $0.024 to raise $48,000 USD.

We have carefully curated and selected 30+ investors around the world for the pre-sale who share our long term vision.

Official MCP Contract —

Private sale address —

Our official public sale will commence from 3rd Jan 11:30 AM UTC.

Starting low key, undersell, and over-deliver. We have many updates aligned for the upcoming weeks: launching prototype product, new amazing partnerships, team hints & teasers, staking program, research papers, community governance, AMA’s, and a lot more. The future looks bright, we are confident in our vision, product/use case, partners, and achieving our mission and goals. Starting small, with lesser funds, and efficient spending, therefore we have decided to reduce the total raise cap from 370k to 128k. Building fantasy into reality. Join the fam and our journey.

Token Allocation

Updated token allocation —

  • Public sale — 2.5 million tokens (To be sold at $0.032 and $80,000 soft cap and $96,000 hard cap)

How to participate in the public sale ?

A google form will be rolled out on Jan 3rd at 11:30 AM UTC asking for the details of the investor. The deadline to fill the form is 24 hours after it is posted. Out of all the responses, 120 addresses will be whitelisted and fake entries will be removed. All the whitelisted addresses will have to send 1 ETH to the public sale address to receive MCP tokens. The price for 1 MCP token will be 0.032$. ETH price will be locked 1 hour prior to the start of the public sale.


Q — What is the minimum and maximum investment per person?

A — There is no minimum and maximum investment. It’s a fixed 1 ETH allocation per address. All the whitelisted addresses will have to send 1 ETH to the public sale address for receiving tokens. ETH price will be locked 1 hour before the public sale starts

Q — When and where can I send ETH to the public sale address?

A — ETH has to be sent to our public sale address and the selection will be based on the whitelist. The deadline to send the ETH is 24 hours after the whitelist announcement. Public sale address will be posted on social media before the start of the sale.

Q — Will I get my funds back If my address is not whitelisted?

A — ETH has to be sent only if your address is whitelisted. Do not send any ETH unless we declare the whitelist.

Q — How to check the tokens in my wallet?

A — please add MCP contract address to your respective wallets (0x2186ecb39f1b765ba7d78f1c43c2e9d7fc0c1eca)

Q — When will I receive my tokens bought in public sale?

A — Our team will send the tokens as soon as the public sale is concluded.

Important Note

MyCryptoPlay — Blockchain-based fantasy trading platform

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