MyCryptoPlay — Fantasy Trading Redefined

MyCryptoPlay is the world’s #1 blockchain-based advanced real-time fantasy trading platform that allows you to participate in various cryptocurrency price prediction contests and compete with peers all around the world — on a device of your choice anywhere and anytime.

OUR VISION is to empower every crypto trader on the planet to experience fantasy trading.


The advancement in technology has paved the way for multiple innovative ideas in the field of trading. We are bringing the concept of Fantasy Trading to the Crypto world. The growing popularity of fantasy stock markets and fantasy sports has inspired MyCryptoPlay Inception. MyCryptoPlay platform currently supports price prediction leagues for famous cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH.

Going ahead MyCryptoPlay will allow the creation of fantasy portfolios, add traditional markets on the MCP platform. (V2 Launch)

MCP Ecosystem:

  1. Virtual MCP mode
  2. Low Commission
  3. Challenge your friends and family
  4. Instant rewards
  5. Easy deposits and Withdrawals
  6. Support 24/7

MyCryptoPlay Walkthrough

How does it work?

  • Select your choice of crypto( BTC, ETH, MCP)
  • Select an upcoming contest
  • Enter the contest with a specified entry fee
  • Submit your price prediction before the start of the contest
  • Climb up on the leaderboard by predicting precisely
  • Top ranks will be rewarded accordingly

Social Media

Website: MyCryptoPlay

Twitter: MyCryptoPlay

Telegram: MCP Announcements

Telegram: MCP Discussion

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MyCryptoPlay — Blockchain-based fantasy trading platform

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